Tuesday, 29 January 2019

A Platform for Informational Self-Determination

Informational self-determination should is a human right - it follows from human dignity. In times of Big Data and AI, we have lost self-determination in the digital and real world little by little. This must be changed as soon as possible.

Below is a slide on a proposed platform for informational self-determination, which would give control over our digital doubles back to us. With this, all personalized services and products would be possible, but companies would have to convince us to share some of our data with them for a specific purpose. The resulting competition for consumer trust would eventually promote a trustable digital society.  

The platform would also create a level playing field: not only big business, but also SMEs, spinoffs, NGOs, scientific institutions and civil society could work with the data treasure, if they would get data access approved by the people (but many people may actually select this as a default). Overall, such a platform for informational self-determination would promote a thriving information ecosystem.

Government agencies and scientific institutions would be allowed to run statistics. A benevolent super-intelligent system that helps good things to succeed while not interfering with our free will would also be possible. Such a system should be designed for values such as human dignity, sustainability, fairness, as well as further constitutional and cultural values that support the evolvement of creativity and human potential with societal and global benefits in mind.

Data management would be done by means of a personalised AI system running on our own devices, i.e. digital assistants that learn our privacy preferences and the companies and institutions we trust or don’t trust. Our digital assistants would comfortably preconfigure personal data access, and we could always adapt it.

Over time, if implemented well, such an approach could establish a thriving, trustable digital age that empowers people, companies and governments alike, while making quick progress towards a sustainable and peaceful world.

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