Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Positive Feedback from External Reviewers

We are delighted with the positive feedback on our Pilot Phase Project that we have received from the EC FP7 External Reviewers. They have given us lots of constructive feedback that we can build on within our full project proposal that we will submit in October. Their comments (below) on the potential impacts of the FuturICT project is very encouraging, we look forward to making this a reality.
"There is evidence that the project will have considerable scientific, technical, commercial, social or environmental impact. If the planned flagship project would be successful, there could be many scientific and technological breakthroughs including the Living Earth Simulator, the Planetary Nervous System, the Global Participatory Platform, approaches to socio-inspired ICT and global system science, several exploratories and observatories as well as guidelines for an ethical use of ICT."

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