Wednesday, 23 May 2012

FuturICT and what it means for the future of Data Business

FuturICT and what it means for the future of Data Business

Over the next several weeks I will publish a series of articles on the FuturICT blog on what FuturICT means for the future of Data Business. Yes I am explicitly using the term Data Business as that is the portion of the project I am closely related to and these two words highlight the potential impact of the project for our business partners as well as broad segments of society. 

From the beginning we have always said the project is about connecting Science with Policy with Technology. The planned synthesis of these three items is not as easy as it seems so the FuturICT goal is a real “Grand Challenge”. Within the project there is a focus on leveraging ICT, Social Science and Complexity Science in order to deliver the goals of FuturICT. I like to use the slogan “Big Society, Big Problems, Big Data, Big Complexity so hence we need this new multidisciplinary approach from Big Science to help us”.

In order to understand the broad ranging concepts that are involved in FuturICT I intend to elaborate on the topics below in separate posts. Hopefully they will give you some context as to what are the most important components of the projects and how they relate to business and the jobs, growth and increased competitiveness agenda that is so badly required in the EU.
  • ·         The journey from Data Warehouses to Big Data
  • ·         Planetary Nervous System (PNS)
  • ·         Living Earth Simulator (LES)
  • ·         Global Participatory Platform (GPP)
  • ·         Innovation Accelerator (IA)
  • ·         The Service Economy, Knowledge Economy, Innovation Economy,....
  • ·         Business Engagement and Business Impact
  • ·         Building a scientific community as the first step to starting a movement that will revolutionise how we use data
·         ....and more topics to come.....

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