Wednesday, 8 February 2012

FuturICT Industry Alignment Events

The FuturICT flagship project will align the research of hundreds of the best scientists in Europe through a 10 year, €1 billion research programme to develop new methods which integrate different scientific models, data and concepts. It is worth noting that FuturICT will be the largest Big Data research project globally and is well positioned to play a very influential role in the development of academic research and commercial applications across the world.

FuturICT have scheduled two Industry Alignment events and are interested in engaging with suitable delegates from commercial organisations, industry associations, policy makers, regulators. Suitable delegates will be invited to attend one of the FuturICT Industry Alignment events that are scheduled for:

The goal of these events is for the FuturICT leaders (Prof. Dirk Helbing – Scientific Coordinator, Prof. Steven Bishop – Management Coordinator and Prof. Paul Lukowicz – ICT Coordinator) to meet and engage with representatives from industry who are interested in FuturICT activities and explore how FuturICT and industry can align their research agendas as well as discuss in-kind / cash or other contributions to support the research agenda. We already have attendees from several large technology and service companies as well as industry associations and others.

If you are interested in attending one of these events, please email as soon as possible as space is limited. If help is needed to cover travel costs, please let JB know as we have some capacity to help with flight/hotel costs for delegates.

We look forward to seeing you there.
JB McCarthy, FuturICT Dissemination and Stakeholder Liaison (
Dirk Helbing, FuturICT Scientific Coordinator, Zurich (
Steven Bishop, FuturICT Management Coordinator, London (

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